Tin Chickens are the Right Garden Art for Us

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In the end it came down to a pair of ornamental tin chickens, both of them, no doubt, created in a distant and dangerous land soon to be confronting more tariffs – or less. So it goes in the modern yard-art department where, at some point, everything seems fair game or fowl. My taste in such in our Hidden Hill …

Photography Workshop

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Nothing says spring like a white crab apple blossom caressed by morning rain. It’s living art that can be captured forever in a photograph, and two of the Louisville area’s finest photographers, John Nation and Danny Dempster, will teach you how at a two-day Hidden Hill Nature Photography Workshop! The opening session will be at 6 p.m. Friday, May 11 …

Bob Hill & The Cherry Tree

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Through a much practiced combination of plant lust and poor planning, Hidden Hill has a surplus of cornelian cherry trees for sale – not to forget those blooming right now along our driveway. Perpetual early Spring charmers! We will have them at half-price when we open March 30. They will finished blooming by then with hundreds of bright red fall …

7 questions with writer, gardener Bob Hill

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Originally posted on Insider Louisville on February 27, 2018. Written by Sara Havens. During his 33-year tenure at the Louisville Times and The Courier Journal, Bob Hill wrote more than 4,000 columns all about life, liberties and pursuing happiness. The award-winning prose often mixed satire and humor, and Hill wasn’t one to shy away from controversy, either. While writing kept …

Coming soon to a garden near you

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Have we mentioned that Hidden Hill Nursery & Sculpture Garden opens in about two months, with hundreds of rare and unusual plants, such as this early blooming witchhazel “Wisley Supreme” for sale?