Hidden Hill Nursery's Famous Pickles

Pickle Pandemonium

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This, to my memory, is the first mini-treatise I have ever written on pickles. It comes to you somewhat courtesy of Janet Hill, who has filled our house with the unmistakable, lingering odor of pickle brine during her almost annual process of converting innocent cucumbers into thinly sliced hamburger helpers. She does it with a nearly 50-year-old, hand-written recipe she …

Yoga at Hidden Hill Nursery

Twist & Shout at Hidden Hill

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Many of you have been lying awake at night wondering when Yoga classes would return to Hidden Hill. Well, how about this Saturday at 11:30 a.m., when Tami Combs returns to liven up the wooded area by our magnificent double-pond waterfall with the sight and sounds of people stretching body parts that haven’t been stretched in a while. AAAArrrggggg comes …

Blues & Greys Band

Blues Are Golden at Hidden Hill

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The Louisville band Blues & Greys will be featured at the annual Hidden Hill Nursery & Sculpture Garden “Blues Fest” near Utica, Indiana on Saturday, July 23rd from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Turtle Run Winery will serve the wine, and barbeque meals will be available from B3Q Barbeque. Admission is $10 per person. Free parking. Hidden Hill owner Bob …

Franklinia Tree Flower

Ben Franklin Lives in Our Back Yard.

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Our Franklinia tree opened its first, fragrant camellia-like flower this weekend, an event as eagerly anticipated at Hidden Hill as the first spring blooms of a witch hazel, if not a cold beer on the back porch after a long hot day weeding the iris bed and cactus patch. The first thing to know about the Franklinia is there are …

Hostas in Bloom

Being Held Hosta

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Best I can guess the hostas lining our front porch – the ones pictured here with the fireworks of blue flowers – have been popping up out there for at least 75 years. Our house is at least 150-years-old. We have lived here 40 years. I know from talking to neighbors the hostas were here long before we were. The …