Kiwi Vine

The Hearty Kiwi – A Vine That Holds Up

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One of my very few rules of gardening is to never plant anything whose name contains more than five syllables because you’re already on verbal thin ice with your more literate garden-tour guests, so why push it? Then there is Actinidia kolomikta, which translates to, well, Actinidia kolomikta, which translates in English-teacher speak to ak-tin-ID-ee-ah koe-lo-MIK-tah. If you’re looking for …

Mortgage Lifter Tomateto

Mortgages Lifted While You Wait

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While most of us garden to seek a little fun, satisfaction and relief from the billion-dollar manufactured noise of Politics 2016 – (And I will soon write my book-long take on this subject titled “Children in Suits”) – today we are going to talk about the controversial world of tomatoes. I do so because Hidden Hill’s own General Manager Cheryl …

Watering Can Tin Man

Hidden Hill Poetry Defies Rhyme & Reason.

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We recently went on a Louisville garden tour that covered as wide a variety of gardens as one could find; gloriously native, wondrously creative, from-the-heart homemade and by-the-book linear. Which caused me to come home and look through our several zillion seasonal photographs – (Which, by the way, I have on a splendid Power Point available for public-meeting consumption) – …

From Buffalo to Bottles – Art at the Falls of the Ohio

From Buffalo to Bottles – Art at the Falls of the Ohio

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In a way, environmental artist Al Gorman’s show at Hidden Hill Nursery & Sculpture Garden beginning this Saturday will only mirror what’s been going on at The Falls of the Ohio for hundreds of years. Except the earlier migrations featured Native Americans, soldiers, settlers, dreamers, explorers and millions of buffalo. The modern influx is a 400-mile broth of plastic bottles, …

Jackmanii Flower

Perfect Partners: Old Wood and a Vintage Plant

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It was really a happy choice to plant the showy, velvet-purple Jackmanii clematis up against our gray barn. Especially after watching the two colors snuggle up to each other in the morning light. Our barn came first, built in the late 1970s from salvaged lumber stripped from a couple of older, abandoned barns in the area – and one maybe …