Hidden Hill is closing nursery

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Yes, the Angel Trumpets got it right again.

After 19 years of incredible fun, joy and satisfaction, and the best customers in horticultural history, Hidden Hill is closing its nursery operation this fall. It is a decision made by brilliant mind, aging body and impatient financial adviser – the latter a guy who has always made too much sense.

In a nutshell, it’s just time. We will still have our eight-acre arboretum lovingly created over the past 40 years and about 1,000 less plants to water daily. What’s right with that picture?

Meanwhile, our half price sale on all perennials, shrubs and trees continues this Friday through Sunday – with many plants you will not see anywhere else. But you better hurry…only a few weekends left!

And we still plan on using our eight acres in the future for various musical shows, garden tours, small “country” weddings, educational classes and charity events. Let us know if you have any ideas…or needs…we can talk.

And THANK YOU for everything!
Bob and Janet Hill and the Hidden Hill Gang