Sculpture Garden Artists

Jeff Reinhardt's Metalwork Art

Jeff Reinhardt

Jeff Reinhardt founded Persimmon Tree Forge in the early 90’s. Named for the big Persimmon tree he used for shade the forge now resides in an enclosed all weather shop. Resident blacksmith at Hidden Hill nursery and gardens since it opened in 2000 he has made many of the large structures found around Hidden Hill. Present for every opening day event and all of the Bluegrass festivals Jeff brings his forge shop in a trailer and forges all day onsite. For the last several years Jeff’s friends from the Southern Indiana Meteorite Mashers a satellite group of the Indiana Blacksmithing Association have also joined in with as many as 3 forges and 10 blacksmiths on site demonstrating. Jeff is also a member of the Performance blacksmithing group The Brotherhood of Friendly Hammermen. The BFH do large forgings at public festivals all by hand using team striking techniques with sledge hammers.

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Jeff Reinhardt's Railroad Spike Garden Trowel

Jeff created a garden trowel forged from a railroad spike in about 2001 for a Hidden Hill railroad garden show. He has sold more than 450 all over the world through Etsy.

Jeff Reinhardt's Veggie Chopper

Jeff also sells Veggie choppers called a Messaluna, or a herb chopper or a veggie chopper whatever tickles you fancy. they are in both smooth and textured.

Check out this 14 minute video of Jeff forging a split cross by the BFH.

Jerry Voyles' Tin Man

Jerry Voyles

Jerry Voyles’ artwork is whimsical and alive. He creates unique characters that are easy to imagine as old metallic friends. His work greets visitors with warmth and humor. They also contribute to the homey atmosphere that keeps people coming back. Hidden Hill wouldn’t be the same without him.

Jerry and his wife own and operate Jerry’s Creations in Elizabeth, IN. They specialize in metal yard sculptures, folk art, garden gates, custom ironwork and much more.

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John McCarthy's Raven Creates Light

John McCarthy

John McCarthy is a ceramic sculptor and art educator. His sculptures are hand-built and highly manipulated to create organic shapes, with an emphasis on texture and subtle, naturally glazed surfaces. Local works include relief sculptures in both Sacred Heart Church in Jeffersonville and St. Paul’s in New Albany. His steamboat bike rack is on Riverside Drive in Jeff.

He is an art education consultant and teaches for the University of Louisville and is Artist–In–Residence at Lincoln School for the Performing Arts in Louisville, Ky. He is represented by PYRO Gallery in Louisville. He is also a member of the Jeffersonville Arts Alliance and has recently been appointed to the Jeffersonville Art Commission.

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Samantha Grifith and Jen Pellerin's Arrow and Target

Samantha Grifith & Jen Pellerin


Sam’s background in metals begins with a MA from Morehead State University and stints in places such as Bootknife Forge in Kentucky and Advance Casting in New Mexico. Sam is currently using five years of product design experience to render concept sketches, propose public works, and to work with clients interested in custom commissions. For questions regarding her work email her at:


“What interests me is the permanence of sculpture, the visual and physical touchability of the work and the physical involvement from design through fabrication.”

Jen’s material focus is primarily steel while incorporating copper, fibers, cement, stone and wood to flesh out the work. For questions regarding her work email her at:

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Samantha Grifith and Jen Pellerin's Arrow
Samantha Grifith and Jen Pellerin's Arrow With Disk

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Mike McCarthy's Limestone Sculpture

Mike McCarthy

Mike was born in the Chicago area and Graduated from Bellermine College in Louisville, KY, where he currently lives and works. He is also a member of Pyro gallery On Market St. in downtown Louisville.

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Mike McCarthy's Dragon's Breath
Mike McCarthy's Dog Relief Collage
Mike McCarthy's Windswept

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Matt Weir's Hidden Hill Limestone Sculpture

Matt Weir

Matt Weir received his BFA from the Hite Art Institute at the University of Louisville in 2004. Weir’s classical training, however, evolved through concurrent apprenticeships with a distinguished line of artists and studios, including Paul Fields and the Bright Foundry with whom Weir was a technician and sculptor for nearly fifteen years. He states he not only prides himself on the diversity of his training, but furthermore, sees within this experience the reciprocal responsibility he has to his work, his audience and the education of younger artists because of it.

Weir has exhibited his work extensively throughout the midwest including The Evansville Museum of Art, History, and Science, The Kinsey Institute, the Louisville Visual Art Association, Actor’s theater, Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, The Kentucky Folk Art Museum, and many more. His work exists in the collections of the City Of Louisville, the City of Vandalia, 21c Museums, Hidden Hill Sculpture Garden, Jewish Hospital, St. Xavier High School and Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest as well as numerous private collections.

Matt Weir's The Beautiful Terrible

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Joe Autry's Hidden Hill Tree Sculpture

Joe Autry

Joe lives 30 minutes south of Louisville with his wife and daughter. He has been practicing several forms of sculpture since he was 17. Over the last 5 years, he’s worked primarily with wood and has been giving a second life to declining trees.

Joe is very grateful for the opportunity to create and is more interested in the process rather than the finished product.  However, he feels that the finished product should be of a form that is universally strong, approachable, uplifting, and kind.

Meg Wicke's Ceramic Leaf Earrings

Meg Wicke

Meg is a homegrown Louisvillian. She graduated from U of L with a BA in Fine Arts before earning a MAT in Art Education at Spalding University. Although Meg works with high fire ceramic clay and prefers subject matter that is connected to nature, on occasion, you may find her working with the human form.

Meg currently teaches Ceramics and Sculpture at Assumption High School in Louisville. You can find her on Facebook or at email her at

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Meg Wicke's Ceramic Bowls
Meg Wicke's Ceramic Rabbit
Kay Kane's Repurposed Glassware
Meg Wicke's Ceramic Bust
Meg Wicke's Ceramic Rabbit
Meg Wicke's Ceramic Rabbits

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